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Below you will find links to photos that feature the Blind Driver Challenge™ and its groundbreaking technology. Please check back frequently for new additions!

2010 NFB National Convention

At the 2010 NFB National Convention in Dallas, Texas, the nonvisual interface technology that has been developed thus far, including drive grips (gloves that use tactile vibrations to indicate which way to steer), was on display and available for demonstration.  Also on display was the Ford Escape that will be equipped with the nonvisual interface and driven by a blind individual who will navigate part of the famed Daytona International Speedway course on January 29, 2011.

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2009 NFB Youth Slam

Undergraduate students at Virginia Tech University, under the direction of innovative professor Dr. Dennis Hong, have been actively working with the NFB on the Blind Driver Challenge™. During the summer of 2009 the Virginia Tech BDC team worked with blind students in the NFB Youth Slam on the first generation of a blind-drivable vehicle, and many of the Slam students had the opportunity to drive using the first generation of the nonvisual interface.

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